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Sales Success Stories

Oct 21, 2016

How Slightly Unorthodox Thinking Leads to Success
Sometimes you can’t fit everything you want into a 9-5 schedule

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Mike Dudgeon

Mike Dudgeon just made the transition to Sales Manager after serving as a Senior Global Account Executive of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn. In that role Mike was primarily responsible for the Microsoft relationship and is well respected as the #1 AE. You’ll hear Mike discuss some of his responsibilities at LinkedIn and how he takes a simple idea and turns it into results. Mike believes in order to achieve success, you need to have slightly unorthodox thinking and to understand that not everything can be achieved within a 9-5 work schedule. There will be days where you have to wake up earlier than usual, work late, or even work on the weekends to get a leg up on the competition or a headstart on your tasks.