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Sales Success Stories

Feb 27, 2018

Dayna Leaman, Senior Account Manager at Wiley - Building a Sales Career Combining Passion and Talent
Success is what happens when you combine your passion and your talent.

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Dayna Leaman is a Senior Account Manager at Wiley Publishing with a consistently strong track record in sales. Dayna started of as a high school teacher, but eventually decided to pursue a different career path, and her job at Wiley allowed her to combine her passion for education and talent for selling. After almost 17 years at Wiley, she grown her territory from $2m to $4.7m and counts on constant consistent achievement as one of her strengths. Tune in to find out how Dayna achieved her level of success in a uniquely challenging field, and her tips for achieving sales success!

Dayna Leaman - Wiley