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Sales Success Stories

May 8, 2018

Sam Silverman - Top SDR at - Being very targeted, personalized and leveraging automation

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Sam Silverman is the top SDR at He is the only SDR in the company’s history with multiple months over 200 percent quota. He has a 55 percent correct connect to meeting schedule conversion. In this episode, Same shares how he got started in sales, his process and how he has been successful.

Sam claims that being extremely personalized and leveraging automation the right way has allowed him to continually put up large numbers. He uses research to bring relevant references to specific industries. By segmenting companies into buckets, he is better able to be personal with each potential prospect in a shorter amount of time.

In this episode, Sam stresses researching before reaching out. He always checks job postings. He says most sales companies are always actively looking, therefore have jobs posted. In the job posting you can find relevant information about the company, how they want to be perceived, how to speak their language and inside tips on how to best target them. You can tie in how you can benefit those perceptions and how you can benefit their service or product by leveraging what you learned in the job posting, allowing you to know which references to align and which bucket to put them in.

Sam Silverman - SDR