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Sales Success Stories

Jun 5, 2018

Top Sales Recruiter at Sales Recruiting Firm Treeline - Dan Drozewski

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Dan Drozewski is the top sales recruiter at the sales recruiting firm Treeline,  outside of Boston. Dan works a 9-5 work schedule and is 100 percent focused on the task at hand throughout his day. Every day he walks in, coffee in hand, opens his calendar and is ready to go. He is ultra focused on taking one step at a time.

Dan claims he is a think outside the box kind of guy and likes to question the status quo. He also enjoys getting a little bit creative and looking at ways to make things better. Sometimes he fails and sometimes he succeeds. Dan is driven by competition and is very competitive by nature.

Treeline is an executive search firm that has been around since 2001. Dan’s job is to find top sales talent for their clients. He also manages a team of two and is in the process of looking for a third. Prior to Treeline, Dan had a long banking career. He started out as a teller and worked his way up to having his own branch. He realized at some point that he was just sitting behind a desk pushing papers so to speak. Dan wanted to find something that would be challenging.