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Sales Success Stories

Sep 25, 2018

52: Carly Mantione - Loopio’s top AE - Getting to Value Quickly

Extensive show notes with links to items mentioned in the show available at:

Carly Mantione is the #1 Senior Account Executive at Loopio. Carly intentionally got into sales after watching her dad support her family on an entirely commission-based sales role. Both of her siblings and many of her relatives are also in sales.

After university she went into a more transactional sales role at company called Rogers, selling to small businesses. She was successful there and fell in love with selling but realized she wanted to be more in a solution sales role with enterprise companies. Then she went to an SDR role at Influitive before coming to Loopio as a Senior SDR and helped build out the outbound process. Then she became an AE, then a Senior AE and that led her to where she is today.

With the intention of achieving 150% of her annual quota in 2017, Carly ended up exceeding her quota every quarter. In Q4, she beat her quarterly number by over 200 percent and hit 170 percent quota attainment for the year.

Carly Mantione - Loopio