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Sales Success Stories

Dec 4, 2018

Extensive show notes with links to items mentioned in the show available at:

Prior to his role as Business Development Director at Cinch IT, Jack worked at Citizens Bank, where he was consistently ranked in the top one percent of performers. Jack is a bit of a rule breaker, especially when it comes to the status quo of traditional sales. Jack’s holistic approach to sales, coupled with his unconventional methods of prospecting have contributed to much of his business success.

In this episode, Scott and Jack talk all about Jack’s sales background, from starting a small coffee shop to business banking at Citizens Bank to now leading a sales team at Cinch IT. Jack states his belief that consistency is a key component of sales. He urges members of his sales team to incorporate that consistency into their daily sales generating calls. Jack utilizes a self-proclaimed counterculture style to his approach, to which he credits much of his accomplishments.

Jack Wilson - Cinch IT Sales