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Sales Success Stories

Jan 8, 2019

Extensive show notes with links to items mentioned in the show available at:

Abel Lomas, the top account executive at TrustRadius, a trusted review site for business and technology, serving both buyers and vendors. Their mission is to bring transparency to the world of enterprise technology by providing efficiencies to both the buying and selling process. Abel is a true believer in paying it forward and practices an empathetic approach to all of his business dealings. In fact, Abel attributes much of his business success to this mentality.

In this episode, Scott and Abel talk all about his role at TrustRadius. Abel provides an inside look at his sales background and discusses his quantifiable sales success at TrustRadius and what he has enjoyed most about working there. He also shares his proudest accomplishment: seeing the growth of the people around him, seeing their success bring them happiness and contributing to those people’s success stories. Scott and Abel discuss the culture of sales and the importance of building a strong foundation of relationships in order to be successful in this field.

Abel Lomas - TrustRadius