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Sales Success Stories

Jan 22, 2019

Extensive show notes with links to items mentioned in the show available at:

Nate Branscome, the top account executive at Chili Piper, a start-up that utilizes its software platform to generate and distribute qualified leads. It also assists organizations to automate opportunity distribution, and book meetings from marketing campaigns and live events. Nate is a top seller at Chili Piper showing incredible growth from day one. In his first month, he generated ten thousand dollars in sales revenue. That number grew to fifty thousand in his second month and eighty thousand in his third.

In this episode, Nate discusses his role as an account executive and his background in sales. He talks about why he chose to work at a place like Chili Piper. In short, Nate is a firm believer in their product and enjoys the people he gets to work with on a daily basis. Nate is a huge advocate of Chili Piper’s product and uses it every day. Nate shares the excitement he feels being able to contribute to a small company’s growth in a meaningful way. Nate also discusses his sales philosophy, which is rooted in being customer centric.

Nate Branscome - Chili Piper