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Sales Success Stories

Jan 17, 2017

Do What's Right for the Customer, and Create Your Path to Success
Knowing your strengths is important, but when it comes to long-term success, do good by your customer, for years of success.

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George Penyak and Mike Cochrane of Restaurant Technologies

George Penyak and Mike Cochrane are both from Restaurant Technologies, a company in the foodservice industry that provides oil management solutions to both commercial kitchens and non-commercial organizations. George Penyak was the #1 Sales Executive for 3 years in a row, before moving into his current role as Regional Sales Manager for the Southern Atlantic Coast, where he lead his team to the #1 position in his very first year. Mike Cochrane handles direct Sales of Foodservice Facilities in virtually the entire states of North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee, and was awarded the Rookie of the Year award in his first year at the company. Tune in, as George and Mike share tips and strategies for becoming a top-tier salesperson by knowing your strengths and playing to them, but also by doing what’s right for the customer to ensure your years of success.