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Sales Success Stories

Sep 8, 2020

This bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast is brought to you thanks to all of our amazing sponsors who are making it possible for us to bring you the Sales Success Summit Live Stream Experience for free. To learn about our sponsors and to register for the Summit. Just click over to

Today I’ve got the audio from a conversation between Evan Kelsey and Jamal Reimer at last year’s Sales Success Summit where they were essentially interviewing each other about Bringing in the Biggest Deals.

Evan was the star of episode 56 here on the podcast where we talked about how he achieved 800% of his annual number at Seismic with a massive deal, and Jamal was featured in episode 61 where we talked about Mega Deals and some of the behind the scenes of how he was able to land 3 different deals, each worth over $50M at Oracle. If you want a shortcut to both of those episodes you can just click over to and or and will take you there as well.