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Sales Success Stories

Nov 19, 2019

Last Friday we celebrated the 300th episode of the Daily Sales Tips podcast. Hopefully, you’re already listening to that. If you’re not this is a quick montage and sampler of some of the top tips among those first 300 tips, and if you are already a listener. Thank you! Hopefully, you’ll still find value in these as a quick review of some of the tips that seem to be resonating the most.

I’ve pulled together 5 of the top tips for you and then we’ll close things out with episode 300. The placement order is a bit mixed up here, but what I can tell you is that Jason Bay owns all three of the top 3 spots with his tips, which is precisely why he gets a prime time spot every Tuesday on the show. Here’s just one of Jason’s tips and then you’ll hear from Tom Williams, Todd Caponi and also from me a couple of times. Oh, and one more note. All of the books that were offered have already been claimed, but there are more coming this week. So you’ll probably want to subscribe to Daily Sales Tips right away. Alright, let’s get to those tips. Here you go: