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Sales Success Stories

Nov 22, 2022

In today’s bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast I’ve got maybe the most unique share yet. Right after the Sales Success Summit in October my pipeline of tips for the Daily Sales Tips podcast was running quite low, so I asked some core members of the Sales Success Community to contribute some tips. Now if you’re a regular listener to that show, you may have heard a couple of these ideas from Jacquelyn Nicholson and Mike Simmons but the raw unedited version was so much fun I thought I’d just share the whole thing here. I’m going to have my audio editor make a few minor tweaks based on his judgement to clean up a couple of transitions, but other than that we’re going to keep it pretty raw and if you click over to for Jacquelyn/Mike, we’re going to include the full unedited video. Here they are, Enjoy!