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Sales Success Stories

Aug 22, 2023

Today’s bonus episode is brought to you thanks to the generous support of The Sales Collective. To learn more about them, just click over to for The Sales Collective.

In today’s bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast, I’ve got the first in a series of hallway conversations from last year’s Sales Success Summit. Truth be told, I totally forgot I had these. Jeff Bajorek has been kind enough to host this series of interviews during every Summit and until last year we released them in near real-time.

With this set, I had a different plan and apparently completely forgot about said plan. The result is maybe even better because this year’s Summit is just 2 months away on October 16th and 17th and these conversations are such a great reminder of just how powerful and impactful the Summit really is.

Yes, the content and presentations are amazing because they exclusively feature the top performers that you’ve heard here on this podcast, but it’s more about the experience and the opportunity to build real relationships and have real conversations with some of the best in the business.

So, for the next couple of months leading up to this year’s Summit, I’ll be sharing some of these conversations. This one features Jeff talking with Sarah Brazier and Luke Floyd, and for added context, you can scroll back in your feed to March 21, 2023, to hear the audio from Luke’s presentation.

Here they are with a pretty cool little intro of their own: