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Sales Success Stories

May 5, 2020

Today on the Sales Success Stories podcast. I wanted to share my own presentation from last year's Sales Success Summit. This talk is titled the 4P Productivity Process for Producing Profit because the most common question I'm probably asked is simply how do you do all of this? How are you managing to work a full-time sales job, host multiple podcasts, publish books, host a summit, manage a family, and perform pretty well at all of those things and still find time to sleep. In this 45 minute presentation, I'm going to explain it all and there are quite a few visual elements to this, so if you'd like to see the video recording, just subscribed to the listener list at When you do that, the first email you'll receive will offer you the video of your choice from the last Sales Success Summit. Just reply to that and ask for my own productivity video. Here it is:

Scott Ingram