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Sales Success Stories

Nov 8, 2016

2/14/2017: This episode has been replaced by Episode 11. The only way to get access to the original recording described below is through the Sales Success Community. For an invitation to this private (and currently free) community just join the mailing list.
The Importance of Asking the Hard Questions

Why asking the hard questions helps you to find your career path and the company that’s right for you.
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 Debe Rapson
Debe Rapson is the No. 1 Director of Strategic Accounts at Demandbase. She has been with Demandbase for the past 7 years and has seen it through its growth from a small company with 18 employees to one of the top marketing firms in the B2B industry. With over 30 years of experience in the sales industry, Debe shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated industry and how she has managed to make it to the top. Tune in to learn some of the hard questions you should ask to find and continue on your career path!