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Sales Success Stories

May 22, 2018

Nicole Miceli - Top Office Equipment Solution Sales Specialist at Des Plaines Office Equipment in Chicago

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Nicole Miceli is the top Solutions Sales Specialist at Des Plaines Office Equipment in Chicago. She develops new relationships with companies to help them increase workflow, productivity and streamline their office technology. Last year Nicole did $750,000 in sales. In this episode, Nicole shares how she got into sales, what has contributed to her success and suggestions for other sales specialists.

Nicole comes from a family of sales professionals. Her dad recommended she try sales at a point in her life when she was looking to start a career. She claims having good sales mentors, a hustler mentality and being passionate about what she does are the three things that have most greatly contributed to her success.

In this episode, Nicole shares her team dynamics, specifics about her success and challenges she has faced. Nicole attributes a large part of her success to her manager when she was starting out. Nicole describes her as a “hit the ground running” kind of woman. She helped pull out Nicole’s inner sales person, fostered her confidence and helped her realize her strengths. Nicole also stresses the importance of networking in this episode. She does at least five networking events per week and says you need to be out there hustling, letting people know who you are and what you are looking for.

Nicole Miceli - Office Equipment Sales