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Sales Success Stories

Sep 11, 2018

51: John Reidelbach - Senior Account Executive at Emerson

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Pay your dues, keep learning and stay humble. These are John Reidelbach's keys to consistent success selling for Emerson. John has been with Emerson for almost 17 years. He came to Emerson through an Inside Sales Role. He was in Outside Sales for four years prior. When introduced to Emerson, he didn’t want to go backwards from Outside Sales to Inside sales. The company felt it was a better fit for the time being so he took the advice and took a step back. He was in the Inside Sales role for 3 ½ years. He then moved into an Outside Sales position when one opened up. He was ready to jump in and has stayed in the role ever since. He had to invest some time in the beginning but it was worth it for him in the long run.

John Reidelbach - Emerson